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the Anglo-Boer War, enjoyed the Great Karoo and simply stayed until 1911. All material found has to be taken back to Cape Town where highly-skilled preperators remove the fossilised remains from the surrounding rock. Unusual feathered friends Beaufort West birders have been happily surprised by unusual visitors. . The president encouraged locals spel.se love test to attend and support the event generously. The site focuses on tourism, and its earthy colours have been specially chosen to ensure that it captures the feel of the Karoo. Heigh-HO, heigh-HO, ITS OFF TO work WE GO South Africas new Basic Conditions of Employment Act, recently passed by Parliament, has drawn much comment. Hulle het Wendy Antonie by Beaufort-Wes Toerisme Buro vir hulp genader en sy het etlike name van heerlike kuier en kosplekke in en om die dorp voorgestel. By the end of the war the Cape Horse, once a prized cavalry mount, had virtually vanished. Graham oss het n eksemplaar van sy werk "Mountain Passes, Roads and Transportation in the Cape" aan die museum geskenk. Die oudstes, bekend as Die Koranna se Grafte, is hoog op n bergie wat tot met n 4 x 4 moeilik bereikbaar." Hulle lê op die u-vormige Korannasfonteinberg, tussen Brandewynsgat en Berg-en-Dal. Those in favour of the Karoo route argue that Beaufort West and the Ghoup are prosperous wool producing areas and that there is a possibility of manganese, coal, silver and lead being exploited there in the future.

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Sê organiseerder en wktb örebro skakelbeampte Melanie FortuinDurr. Recently earned a handsome sum in half an hour when an advertising agency photographed his blue eyes. His research into reptiles and amphibians has led to him becoming the regional coordinator for the South African Frog Atlas project in the Western Cape. Onwetend EN dood gerus deur DIE spookveld oppas. SÊ premier Toerisme is die lewensbloed van SuidAfrika en veral die platteland. Rory, bome kan maklik van vars saad gekweek word se Sydney.

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Die geelvink is n konsertinaspeler in n boereorkes. quot; it carried with it all manner of tantalising smells. Eyne,"" but it is beyond the understanding of the layman. quot; such digs have to be handled with the utmost care to ensure that valuable material does not get canada damaged said Roger.

Hotbox, named after the hot central area of the Karoo, was started eight years ago when seven jobless men from the towns under- privileged community got together to "make music." "Weve never looked back said organiser Novello Mack, now also Speaker of the Central Karoo.Yellow lichen, Dermatiscum thunbergii, is an umbilicate."Early travellers stopped at the Swartberg Hotel to rest and refresh themselves before tackling the daunting Swartberg Pass.

Pierre Nel, director of Oudtshoorn Tourist Bureau, was invited to address a gathering of all tourism roleplayers in Beaufort West recently.

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