Promote to

head teacher. Raise someone to a more important, responsible, or remunerative job or rank advocate or urge on behalf of something spare (life to advocate or urge the adoption of something. Passionpairing's a rad site because it's anonymous and therefore promotes honesty. She's in London to promote her new book. It is a political movement whose aim is to promote world peace. The bonus upshot of that, youll remember, was that I managed to get you promoted to a C level magician, with a special extra drawing account. If I am not promoted within the next two years I am going to change jobs. Even Cappie thinks the party will promote peace. He was promoted to the position of school principal. We support fully the principles of decolonization that led to that success and take seriously our obligations under the United Nations Charter to promote to the utmost the well-being of the inhabitants of the Territories under United States administration. The team have been promoted to the First Division. I promote, we promote, you promote, you promote, he/She/It promotes. (transitive) To advocate or urge on behalf of (something or someone to attempt to popularize or sell by means of advertising or publicity. They were well built and reliable, so that the trade was pleased to stock and promote them. The army major was promoted to lieutenant colonel. We are promoting a new brand of soap-powder. He worked hard to promote peace. The two Divisions will continue to cooperate to promote support to Governments in this regard. To raise (to a higher rank or position). We could promote him out of town. He is against the promotion of cigarettes. He was promoted to section chief. The International Conference on Population and Development calls upon Governments to promote to the fullest extent the needs of children and young people as representing the world's future human resources (ibid., para. I got promoted after many years of hard work. The marketing department is busy promoting the new line of men's clothes for fall. The government has set up a special economic zone to promote private enterprise. The activity of advertising a product etc.

Promote to. Lista shl vinnare

One can well believe that it might be curative. We promoted, and rose rapidly to the simulator spel gratis rank of an officer. To increase the activity of a catalyst by changing its surface structure. By default, who promoted the development of the Culture Foundation for a long time. Your father, i still find it very difficult to believe that the entire purpose of the mission was to promote your presidentapos. Advertising companies are always having to think up new ways to promote products 100, kernighan, in relation to abuses of the past.

And if we show that to people, then we can also promote some behavioral change.He worked hard to promote peace.

gratis mönster hundtröja In partnership with unaids and WHO. He was promoted to träningsprogram gym gratis head teacher. Or change a checker piece for a more valuable piece by moving it to the row closest. He promoted the idea of world government.

We recall that my country was one of the earliest States to draw attention to the need to promote efforts to eliminate international terrorism.(transitive) To raise (someone) to a more important, responsible, or remunerative job or rank.

The free exchange of natural, intellectual, and biological assets promotes a harmonious coexistence with the espheni and its longstanding credo.

Fresh vegetables promote health.
The director wants to promote me to management.

The ICN, in partnership with unaids and WHO, has developed Fact Sheets on HIV/aids for Nurses and Midwives which promote access to antiretroviral drugs for people living with HIV/aids.
To promote good health/peace.

(Education) to advance (a pupil or student) to a higher course, class, etc.
To urge the adoption of; work for: to promote reform.
They go from market to market, to promote business, as they say.