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Othello is a multiplayer board game based on the popular game Reversi.On this website you can play.Othello by yourself or compete with a friend.

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The idea is to trap one or more opponents' pieces between two of your pieces.Judge me the world, if 'tis not gross in sense That thou hast practised on her with foul charms, Abused her delicate youth with drugs or minerals That weaken motion: I'll have't disputed on; 'Tis probable and palpable to thinking.

Cue, derived from French queue, a tail.

Othello, game for free.
Othello is a classic strategy game, also known as Reversi.

Its objective is to finish the game with the greater amount of pieces (circles) of the same color.
Othello (9:18) Romeo and Juliet (9:01).
You don t need to spell out every step, but you do need to suggest the organizational pattern you ll be using.

LiveOthello: follow live othello games directly on the web.
Free Essay: The handkerchief is significant to the plot, mainly to Iago s manipulation.
Othello and his convincing the latter of Desdemona s infidelity.