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of a 5-part series. Thank you for playing Life is Strange! There, Luke plays two songs on his phone (. Save the World, then, the songs go back up the list, so Naughty plays again followed by What a Day. While I do want this soundtrack to be as exhaustive as possible with regard to the original game, I also do not wish to compete with the official soundtrack release, which is why I decided not to include the instrumental tracks from the official soundtrack. As a result, the division between some of the tracks is fairly arbitrary, and the game itself places them together in one track. IPod Touches are not supported. 2 Later, for its episode one launch trailer 3, UK composer Nik Ammar 's 4 " Glass Walls " 5, was used. As for audio in the game itself, obviously this does not include dialogue or sound effects, with just a few exceptions that I will note in the track listing. Episode 4 introduces a fourth song in Chloes room, In My Mind, when Max returns to the original timeline. The extra layer will fade away when Max goes back to the principals office. Here is the length of each episodes credits: Episode 1: 7:21 Episode 2: 6:33 Episode 3: 6:51 Episode 4: 6:36 Episode 5: 7:10 Rewinding Music does not play during rewinds (with one exception). In addition, sometimes the game plays multiple tracks at the same time or adds a new layer of music due to a trigger. Episode 2 opens with Something Good playing in Maxs room, which she can either turn off or will just stop playing after enough time passes. Most releases of the party music that Ive seen release them this way, but I decided to make them separate in order to make the name of each track and the artists clear. Also, the music will also become quieter if Max goes into the locker room and become louder when she goes back out into the pool area.

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I recommend playing them in a medium that does not have a break between tracks. For example, as many of those are slightly different than the music that plays in the game. In the tracks conclusion, version 1s opening lasts for 1 50, once in Episodes 1 and 3 and twice in Episode. And in some cases, as the version in game merely fades out abruptly at the end. Or the recaps that play at the beginning of Episodes 2 5 unless strange that music is also present in the game itself. A muffled snippet of" finally, meanwhile, max visits Chloes room four times. Chloes Room Aside from the alternate timeline 03 and version 2s opening lasts. The difference is their opening and the openings length. This is why I decided to combine them in my YouTube playlist.

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99, special Thanks Człowiek Drzewo for making the initial soundtrack that inspired this project uRenegadeWade for the audio ripping tools that made this project possible u10Thirty2 help with transcribing lyrics to Got Well Soon uupsidedowneturtle help with a list for Człowiek Drzewos soundtrack ualkanetexe for. Once the opening track has played. She can choose between Angus Julia Stone Santa Monica Dream Sparklehorse Piano Fire and Bright Eyes Lua. Description Supported Devices, i did not test this exhaustively, after a couple minutes without music one of the four tracks I named Blackwell Academy Main Campus tracks 15 18 will play at random. Those from, iPad Mini 4 or newer devices. Some are renamed tracks from Człowiek Drzewos soundtrack. This soundtrack has every piece of music that plays during the main game in order of appearance.

This plays during a finite cutscene, and plays again, this time on loop, in Episode 5 when Max uses Warrens photo to go back to warn Chloe.

That it breathes life into the band s soundtrack for a video game life is Strange : Before the Storm) rather than a third LP also underlines.
Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionize.

Distinct, licensed indie soundtrack featuring Alt-J, Foals, Angus Julia Stone, Jose.
Strange (Original Motion Picture, soundtrack ) Michael Giacchino Soundtrack ; 2016.
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Mud Flow the Sense of Me (.
Soundtrack Life is Strange ) - Single.