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intuition or what feels right. They could add Memento (directed by Christopher Nolan Brokeback Mountain and A Knights Tale (starring Heath Ledger Thank You for Smoking (starring Aaron Eckhart Stranger than Fiction (starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and The Machinist (starring Christian Bale) for (or people near) the price of one license. Traditional television networks dont have these kinds of privileges in their broadcasting. If you watched a lot of Kevin Spacey films, you saw a trailer featuring him. Arrested Development (from season 1) finished it to the end of season 3? So what do they do? If not, Netflix provides a good case for why you should. As John Ciancutti, former VP of Product Engineering (now at Facebook says: Netflix seeks the most efficient content. So how does Netflix use analytics? And it really paid off. The 100 million show wasnt green-lighted solely because it seemed like a good plot. Later, well get into the factors that made them green-light House of Cards. While this may seem impressive, you should take this survey with a grain of salt. Again, this is just a hypothetical, but its probably safe to say that this is a common situation Netflix faces. What device you use to watch (Do you like to use your tablet for TV shows and your Roku for movies? Yes, for 86 of them. Its important that Netflix puts a lot of focus on making sure they have an accurate algorithm for this rather than having users rely on outside sources to find new movies. This is only a theory of how Netflix came to the decision to implement post-play and an example of how analytics can help Netflix make decisions. They are not, as McCabe put it, a broad distributor, possibly stating a differentiation from Hulu. Netflix reportedly employs dozens of taggers in multiple countries. Add this to the fact that the British version of House of Cards has been a popular DVD pick for subscribers.

Netflix had a lot of users in all 3 factors. These wont determine immediately whether the House of Cards investment can be considered netflix successful. If youre watching a series like. A few seconds later, they are 75 less likely to cancel.

Say," he had 6 billion available to him to choose content for Netflix streaming. Why hasnt Netflix ponied up the cash for HBO hit series like. How much would it go up if Netflix licenses. We need to get a good idea of the overall engagement of this show. Those who watched a lot of movies starring females saw a trailer featuring the women in the show. Do you have data to help you make decisions. The licensing fees for even the oldest of shows is creeping. But considering how much the company is spending netflix on content as of late. In April 2013, youll see a new entry under the rating details for something youre interested in watching.

Let me hear your feedback in the comments.I always thought you needed a clear answer before you made a decision and the thing that he taught me was that youve got to use analytics directionallyand never worry whether they are 100 sure.Netflix has launched a new feature called.

The reality is that Netflix is a data-driven company.

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