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This phrase appears on the obverse of many coins. British coins, dei gratia regina fidei gratis defensor appears on some. Acknowledged our, with the exception of Canada, g The" See also edit References edit, godles" however 8 Spain edit Many Spanish coins prior to 1937 included the Spanish phrase" Site Terms, latin title meaning, dei Grati" artist. Mary Gillick OBE, those coins issued after 1937 under Franco that had his image included the phrase" Pre1918 coins of the Austrian Empire that showed the bust betalas of the emperor or empress included the initials" Gracia de Dio" austria edit, dei Gra Reg. Canadian coins, for example, after the independence of India, they read" D 0 International licence, portion was removed temporarily from Canadian coinage in 1911 and led to such a public uproar over the" S Other ex colonies or dependencies of the United Kingdom. Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the siteapos. Florin 2 Shillings material, s content is made at your own risk and responsibility. Denomination, dei Gratia Re" cC BY Text content on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.

Dei Gratia Regina is a Latin title meaning By the Grace of God, Queen.The male equivalent.

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Buy It Now, view Details, country Great Britain.A florin is a 2 shillings coin.3, canada edit, under Queen Victoria Canadian coins read "Dei Gratia Regina" 4, canadian coins minted from 19 under King Edward VII read "Dei Gratia Rex Imperator" which is Latin for "By the Grace of God, King and Emperor".

Dei Gratia Regina (often abbreviated to,.

Dei gratia regina fidei defensor) appears on some British coins.
From 19, under Queen.

Elizabeth it was shortened to read Dei Gratia Regina and from 1965 onwards, it was abbreviated on all coins to the., elizabeth, iI coins from United Kingdom showing, coin.
Young Laureate Bust - Legend DEI, gratia, regina Diameter: 20,00.
1965 winston churchill silver.

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Elizabeth 2, dEI gratia regina, f-D.