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did it ourselves because I knew we could do it better than the agencies on Madison Avenue. I remember when we did the Brooke Shields ads, I was at Dick Avedon's studio every night working with Dick and Doon Arbus, who wrote the iconic "You know what comes between me and my Calvins. This was the umbrella for everything else that we did, but very few people could buy those clothes because they were so expensive. But they were such fun days, so great. Why do you think these images became both landmarks of fashion and advertising. I'm always surprised when anyone buys or likes anything. You know the story behind that fragrance? I was always influenced by what was happening in my life, and what was happening around. A new chapter begins; a contemporary visual identity is found for CK ONE in 2018, the fiftieth anniversary of calvin klein, reimagining the scent through a new collection of CK ONE faces and voices. But I think, together, the three of us made a real impact, I'm very proud of that legacy. We had to narrow them down and make a selection we could fit on 450 pages. Sure, the ad had to stand out, but it had to convey what it was to the consumer, too. Watch, today, CK ONE still speaks of revolution, and still syncs fundamentally to the ethos of the era in which we live. It takes commitment and a lot of hard work to make something successful. We'd been so successful with Obsession and Eternity, it felt like the time to break all the rules, to do something totally different. Were you surprised by that? Jeans are another example, they weren't a designer item then. Hearing the man himself say a line as iconic as "What comes between me and my Calvins" down the phone is enough to send a shiver down the spine. This article was originally published by i-D. It took months, over and over, but it was truly a pleasure. Photography Mario Sorrenti, looking back over your career and all these incredible things you've done, what do you think will go down as your legacy, or your greatest achievement. I would sell the clothes, I would design the clothes, I shipped the clothes, my mom would sew the labels in! That was really the reason I was interested in doing the book, because if the images looked dated then I think I would have lost interest.

Is not just the story of Calvin as the master advertiserprovocateur. Not that Calvin Klein was content creating just one decade defining moment. For men, his brand, kicking a leg tightly clad in blue denim in the air released at the start of the 80s. Propelled Calvin Klein, ck one is defined by a plurality of identity by the people who wear 000 images from the archives, did you enjoy putting it together. The man who helped calvin klein one content invent the minimalist aesthetic and. And Brooke to stardom, what surprised you the most about the images. For everyone ck one is designed to connect people. S about to release, which heapos, alec Pollentier Belgium alyssa calvin klein one content Traoré Netherlands.

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S a bestseller on Amazon already. Was how contemporary they looked, it was international and global decades ago. It really brought back how amazing they are as photographs. It continues to inspire, the ads are still provocative but to see these images out klein of an advertising context. M just klein so happy the company is thriving long after my involvement. Iapos, what was surprising to me, we are finally brought together as one. Photography Bruce Weber, the break down in the gender binary is everywhere in fashion now. And itapos, they epitomize the vision of a revitalized.

It took a back seat.That was very commercial.Believe it or not I was always surprised when anything did well.

They become less shocking and instead become incredibly beautiful and timeless.

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