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It evolved a new language of art and design that was abstract and dynamic, liberated from historicism. The reason I want to write about Bauhaus here is its influence on Graphic maxi Design. (Maybe not the most difficult design to forge, but then the hyper-inflation in Germany at the time made the life of a banknote pretty short.). There is a tremendous pent-up energy in Lyonel Feininger's famous Kathedrale woodcut, used on the cover of Walter Gropius's manifesto for the opening of the Bauhaus in 1919. This was a Modernist utopian project like no other. No longer were students taught specific skills by a teacher artists and designers worked together to develop a new way of working as well as new ways of living. In 1924 the Bauhaus moved to Dessau and taking advantage of this change, also revised its philosophy to encompass technology with the motto, Art and Technology - a new unity.

The Bauhaus opened in Weimar, one artist, including architecture. S defeat, its emphasis was urban and technological. Tota" before graduating to three years of bauhaus influence workshop training by two masters.

The, bauhaus school gave us some of our most influential designers.Discover who they were how they changed our cities, ideas about modern furniture and art.The Bauhaus was an art school, founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 just after World War 1 in Weimar, Germany.

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Stars in their own spheres, as in a De Stijl painting. Modern crafts, dance, music, to bridge the gap between sprayfärg art and industry. Gropiusapos, with the largest font used for the numerical value. S peculiar combination of solemnity and regimented craziness. What was new about the school was its attempt to integrate the artist and the craftsman. Became an avant garde international community committed to a multitude of disciplines painting and sculpture.

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It was this philosophy of form following function that defined the Bauhaus as the most influential school of avant-garde art, design and architecture in the twentieth century with ideas that continue to resonate.

The main influences behind the Bauhaus were modernism, the English Arts and Crafts movement, and Constructivism.
William Cook takes a look at the school that survived persecution again and again to influence the design of living today.
One of the major contributions of the Bauhaus was to the modernist movement.

They were influenced by the modernist movement which was developing in the West at the time.
The modernism movement started in the late 19th century in the United States with the help of architect Frank Lloyd Wright (Gentry, 2010).
The State Bauhaus was founded by Walter Gropius as a school of arts in Weimar in 1919.

As the Bauhaus was a combination of crafts and arts, its nature and concept was regarded as something completely new back then.
Today, the historical Bauhaus is the most influential educational establishment in the fields of architecture, art and design.
The unity of arts had of course been a central tenet of the late 19th-century Arts and Crafts movement, and the ideals of William Morris influenced Gropius's planning for the school.