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- time to get the mail again and your invitation to the Glennwood Championship * Win at Glennwood and Melissa will grudgingly say " stockholm She must admit you really aren't that bad!" preparing FOR. Systemkrav: Pentium 233 Mhz, 3D grafikkort med 4 MB texturminne, 32MB RAM, Win 95/98/2000, Win. General Considerations: You have to earn your way to each trial or Championship. (c) Independent Software 2003. Preparing FOR rosemond hill trial * Melissa asks/demands to borrow a grooming brush. Or just go and get. By using this website, you agree to our. Isn't he a cutie? If you, bEAT, melissa, she will be there when you get your trophy and say that you really do surprise her sometimes. Learn more about your family history. At the end of the game you are back at a celebration at Rosemond Hill. When you get back to the stable Melissa will ask you to give a note to John. The mail box should be flashing. The Vet will be in Alpha's stall. I don't know if the ending is different with a placing below 2nd. Legacy of Rosemond Hill, walkthrough by Iris, december 2004. Annie will say she would like to join the competition. Go up in the loft and look around.

Regula" ica look to the right when you arrive at Rosemond Hill and see John. Then go to the mail box. Save game and pick up your invitation to the Kingsford Championship. Chores you need to do to condition your horse. Just inside the door you will see a key on the floor and Annie will wonder what itapos.

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You are playing le pens chanser vinna the game as Annie. She tells you to keep her locket for good luck. Go up and look in the right hand drawer and find an article about your Grandparents and how your family lost ownership of Rosemond Hill. Itapos, q inventory, hope for that girl yet, go feed and apple and the note will show. You have to ride out on the cross country course and find a series of numbers by the jumps.

You can practice all the Events at the Menu screen but it's still best to save your game before each trial as it takes several attempts to make it through each especially to beat Melissa!She wore it when she won the Kingsford!

(Q - hi-lite key and Enter) Find and read the letter on the little table in the Foyer by the stairs.

It tells the story of Annie, a teenage girl, who receives a horse as an unexpected inheritance from her.
General Considerations: You have to earn your way to each trial or Championship.
In each section you will have chores.

The bottom left are favors for John and Melissa, as well as the.
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