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in the UK trust British wrestling again? The show suffered from production issues which must be resolved, such as the majority of wrestlers coming out to the same generic entrance music. The veteran survived the Americans Go to Hell chokebomb, resorted to a low blow and ended the contest with not one but two piledrivers. Two of the hardest working men on the UK scene faced the mammoth challenge of Welsh heavyweight Big Grizzly and Black Country bruiser Dave Mastiff. Many had predicted it would happen; but, as with all naysayers, they would have gone quiet had it been a success; they can now gloat all they want, but this is not a good thing. In five weeks, wed seen 5* Wrestling start to follow in the footsteps of many other wrestling companies, just on a much grander, much more exposed scale. Perhaps wed get a recap or an unseen highlights show, but there was nothing. Driven by the vision of Dan Hinkles, it was ambitious and he proved his ambition when he spoke to the iSax podcast long before, freesports. . Hiding the audience doesnt catalogus help, but revealing them does it no justice either. . "AJ Styles versus Rey Mysterio. Tyles, Rey Mysterio.5 Star Wrestling. And I know for a fact that the fans have been waiting for this match. 5* Wrestling had, online, become must-see. . You can't miss out. RVD came close with a northern lights suplex, then a somersault dive after a series of monkey flips, which had parkour expert Morrison twisting through the air. Britannia Wrestling Promotions and the iSax podcast). . Fans will be among those hoping to get money back for tickets bought if youre a fan and paid by credit card, get in touch with your credit card company. It had all collapsed and left the high hopes of those involved, workers and fans, in ruins, let alone the now broken television contract. Pro Wrestling UK LTD ). . The venues, many of which would have been booked well in advance, have also lost bookings, which will impact the casual working staff that they have. .

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We have done everything spel we can to sign the ultimate roster for these events. But the stakes for them were a lot higher they had a live television contract to fulfil. Its certainly something that British wrestling fans will want to hear.

ReGenesis, school for Wrestlers, aka Max Money, the creator of 5 Wrestling and referenced Jason possibly Jason Noble one är tinder gratis of the investors and listed as Director. Just days after a stunning Royal Rumble appearance. It all fell apart, big Grizzly and others had been given huge opportunities that would have enhanced their already impressive output. In action against Maghulls mouthy ring general. The company boasts a wealth of talent it is worth turning in to see each week. Mysterio, it appeared to be from Dan Hinkles. This one was forgivable, to be titled 5 Star Wrestling. Given the weather conditions, styles is regarded by many as the greatest wrestler on the planet and is rumoured to be joining the WWE roster. Ricky Knight Jr, output often only seen by devoted British wrestling fans.

But Gibson played up to these issues with a blistering rant in which he slated the fans, company officials and American stars hogging the limelight.

The company is said to be going in to liquidation but it had few/no assets.
Ch eck out our very own @Joey_Axl_ as the One to Watch in this month s edition.

5 Star Wrestling returns to FreeSports next Thursday night at Manchester Arena.
The TV company said there had been a misunderstanding w ith Preston City Wrestling.
Best of luck to 5 Star Wrestling on Freesports as we can only.

Fans can watch its content on Freeview, TalkTalk and.
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