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Vicky & Brian

Huge congrats to Vicky and Brian who got married in August. It was an amazing fun day as I think the pictures show. The church was in Garranbane with the reception in the Park Hotel Dungarvan. The day just about held up with no real rain, so compared to the the rest of the summer we have had…the weather was great. Alma was taking pictures with me with her great eye for something a little different. Brian’s business is in coach hire so if you ever need one, big or small give Piltown Coaches a call.

Huge congrats to Vicky and Brian who got married in August, it was an amazing fun day as I think the pictures show. The church was in Garranbane  with the reception at the Park Hotel, Dungarvan. The day just about held up with no rain unlike most weddings this summer. Alma was taking pictures with her 5D and great eye for interesting moments. Brian’s business is with buses so if you ever need one big or small give Piltown Coaches a call


Borgo do Tragliata

On 17th May, Alma and myself and the honor of being the photographers at Darragh and Jac’s wedding at Borgo di Tragaliata just outside Rome. Everything came together perfect to make an amazing day, great venue, great weather, a great couple together with their friends and family. The trip to Italy was of special interest to Alma as her grandfather was Italian. We shared the camera duties, in the morning I was with Jac getting ready and Alma with Darragh. The wedding service was held in the venue garden, it was really beautifully done, a wow moment for anyone attending. The meadow photos were taken in the nearby farm, I wanted something different and the wildness of the field we discovered together with the low sun was more then we could have asked for. All and all a fabulous well planned wedding on a sun kissed Italian afternoon in May, can it get any better?

Bird nest

Borgo di Tragliata

bridesmaids & dress




red and green

so cute


before garden

black & white

garden aisle

in the garden

garden gazebo

the steps


the girls

poppy and grass meadow

poppy meadow sunset

grass verge sun


first dance

first dance





Jamie Lehany

I was on lighting assistant duty today as Alma worked the camera with the adorable little Jamie. I did Jamie’s parents wedding in 2010 so it was great to be in touch again to do more photos. I used an Elinchrome Ranger Quadra with a softbox for lighting and Alma took the photos using a Canon 5D Mkii and a 50mm F1.2 lens. Post production was with Lightroom 4 and 3 of my new presets.

Jamie Lehany

Jamie Lehany


on the return from the summit

clouds coming over the Piltri top

the view of the town from the Rufugio

light in the valley on the east side of Piltri

climbing the scree or loose stones on the final climb to the top

the beautiful Alma Perissinotti struggling on the last climb as the clouds rolled in and over the top

loose scree on the approach to the summit

the girls on top

Piltri view east

view of El Bolson from the top of Piltri...almost...before the clouds obscured the amazing view

view from Piltri towards Lago Puelo then Chile

A selection of images from a climb up Piltri overlooking El Bolsón, Argentina

Check out the blog post my Alma from the same trip


I really love the last one, the feeling of the clouds rolling past


Information about the Rufugio is here http://www.bolsonweb.com/aventura/piltriquitron.html



Some recent work in Chile with my infrared Canon 5D, I got the camera converted to deep monochrome infrared by Lifepixel labs in the US, so the camera is just a monochrome camera sensitive to the higher infrared wavelengths. It is a complex camera to use, it suffers badly from sun flare, exposure is at best a guess, and sometimes the center of the frame is too hot…so its a horrid camera to use but I love it, no more the perfect everything digital, for being on holiday it is a breath of fresh air, Im having fun.

chile 100.jpgchile 101.jpgchile 102.jpgchile 103.jpgchile 104.jpgchile 105.jpgchile 106.jpgchile 107.jpgchile 108.jpgchile 109.jpgchile 110.jpgchile 111.jpgchile 112.jpgchile 113.jpgchile 114.jpgchile 115.jpgchile 116.jpgchile 117.jpgchile 118.jpgchile 119.jpgchile 120.jpgchile 121.jpgchile 122.jpgchile 123.jpgchile 124.jpgchile 125.jpgchile 126.jpg




Áine Murphy on her first birthday. White backdrop, main light an Elinchrom Octa, shot arount F8

Post Production in CS5, curves and a black and white conversion



I'm a huge fan of Elinchrom lighting gear, I purchased my sets from Barker Photographic in Cork, Paddy Barker is fabulous to deal with.

The Elinchrom Ranger battery pack system is incredible, great quality of light output, goes up to 1100 watts so it can over power the sun even on a bright day. Studio lighting anywhere! OK the box weighs 8kg and after a while 8kg gets heavy, but look at the results.

This shot here is from a wedding last Saturday, in a meadow beside the Hotel, Athenaeum house, Ferrybank, Waterford. Shooting directly into the sun, low ISO, narrow aperture to underexpose the shot so the sky appears dramatic, the couple were illuminated by a burst of flash from the Ranger, close to full power and through an Octa 100cm softbox, flash sync speed was standard 1/250 for the Canon 1ds mkiii

I have done some high speed syncing up to 1/2000 of a second but I will blog about that another time.



Looking through some old portfolios while looking for a picture, found some of my old favourites, few more to follow later





Canon 1ds mkiii 16-35 F2.8

Same technique again, using a speedlite as a back light and one bouncing of the ceiling in front, metering is all manual and adjusted for whatever ambient exists. High contrast black and white conversion with a little darkening of the edges