on the return from the summit

clouds coming over the Piltri top

the view of the town from the Rufugio

light in the valley on the east side of Piltri

climbing the scree or loose stones on the final climb to the top

the beautiful Alma Perissinotti struggling on the last climb as the clouds rolled in and over the top

loose scree on the approach to the summit

the girls on top

Piltri view east

view of El Bolson from the top of Piltri...almost...before the clouds obscured the amazing view

view from Piltri towards Lago Puelo then Chile

A selection of images from a climb up Piltri overlooking El Bolsón, Argentina

Check out the blog post my Alma from the same trip


I really love the last one, the feeling of the clouds rolling past


Information about the Rufugio is here http://www.bolsonweb.com/aventura/piltriquitron.html


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  1. Wren March 18, 2012 at 3:54 pm #

    Stunning photos.