Some recent work in Chile with my infrared Canon 5D, I got the camera converted to deep monochrome infrared by Lifepixel labs in the US, so the camera is just a monochrome camera sensitive to the higher infrared wavelengths. It is a complex camera to use, it suffers badly from sun flare, exposure is at best a guess, and sometimes the center of the frame is too hot…so its a horrid camera to use but I love it, no more the perfect everything digital, for being on holiday it is a breath of fresh air, Im having fun.

chile 100.jpgchile 101.jpgchile 102.jpgchile 103.jpgchile 104.jpgchile 105.jpgchile 106.jpgchile 107.jpgchile 108.jpgchile 109.jpgchile 110.jpgchile 111.jpgchile 112.jpgchile 113.jpgchile 114.jpgchile 115.jpgchile 116.jpgchile 117.jpgchile 118.jpgchile 119.jpgchile 120.jpgchile 121.jpgchile 122.jpgchile 123.jpgchile 124.jpgchile 125.jpgchile 126.jpg

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  1. george February 2, 2012 at 10:26 pm #

    Well the IR 5D might be a bit of a pig to use, but it works well – particularly on the shots that feature the horses.

    New blog and domain now active. Can you email me asap when you can. Thanks G