portrait at the fair El Bolson, Rio Negro, Argentina



I have ordered some prints from Ilford, traditional silver halide prints from digital files, I have chosen the above picture as it contains some testing tones and I’m interested to see how the digital print service from Ilford copes with the task. I will do a review here of the print service as soon as I get the test prints back. Im hoping next year to open my own printing studio, many years ago I used have an Epson 4000, I loved the quality, especially the black and white, bronzing was an issue on anything except matt paper and the print heads had a bad habit of getting clogged….and a set of ink was over €1000…ouch, I then had a Canon IPF5000, it definitely had a slight colour advantage over the Epson as it was new technology but for the life of me I could not get consistant grey scale images no matter how I profiled and fiddled with the settings. Im not going to get a large format printer for the foreseeable future, its just not worth the overheads as regards running cost when most of the time my print orders and below A3 in size and of small quantities, but I do miss having the ability to deliver a finished print quickly as compared waiting on shipment from a lab be it in Scotland or US

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