Richie & Kizzie


It was an honor to do my cousin Richard’s wedding last Thursday week. It was hard work as usual doing a job for a family member…my brother’s wedding the previous Friday.  A rare event here this summer….strong sunlight which can be as great for wedding photographs as it is difficult, dark suits with a white dress and imagine the contrast but I enjoy the challenge. The church was near my home in Ballylaneen and the reception was in Faithlegg House Hotel just outside Waterford city. The photo’s here are just a brief selection I have picked out, I have most of the photographs processed but I’m still making selections and edits for the final product. I often do the first selection in black & white as it is something different to what most people see all the time, making black and whites makes me look more closely at the images.

_MG_7008 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8487 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8495 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7016 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8504 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8514 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7032 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7049 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8531 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8537 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7061 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7077 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8618 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7087 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8677 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8681 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7092 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8710 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8715 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8727 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7105 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8791 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8796 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8815 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7134 - Version 2.jpg_MG_7129 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8884 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8891 - Version 2.jpg_P2W8906 - Version 3.jpg_P2W8935 - Version 2.jpg_P2W9014 - Version 2.jpg_P2W9018 - Version 2.jpg

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