Few images from a recent wedding in the Languedoc region of France. The wedding was in in L’eglise Saint Pierre et Saint Paul, in the village of Agel with the reception afterwards in at Chateau D’agel which was only a 2 minute walk across the road from the church. The weather was magnificent if a little too sunny at the early stages for photography but that is where I like a challenge, every effort to capture what the eye sees into the final picture results. Anna and Stephen put a lot of effort into this big day, a huge amount of planning as you can imagine with numerous trips back and forth between Ireland and France making sure everything was done right. To make the wedding weekend even more amazing they hosted a 3 day event with all the guests invited to a restaurant meal on the eve of the wedding and a casual BBQ the day after. Everyone I spoke to during and after the wedding all gave very high praise and one person I remember saying it was the best wedding they ever attended, I have to agree it was a very special day, well done to Anna and Stephen.


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I love the Languedoc region of France so I was delighted to be asked to be the photographer. Flying with Ryanair I really had to think carefully what gear to bring, I was fine on the way out but they got me for being overweight on the way back…and no, I did not load up on wine, exact same bags just at Carcassonne airport they weigh everything to the gram. I had assistance on the day from a close friend from Montpellier, Clémence Castanier who did a great job helping and took some amazing candid photos that Im sure will go into the final album. I stayed at a friend’s house in the region, Petra Carter who runs cookery and art courses as well as a Bed & Breakfast, I highly recommend dropping Petra a note if your thinking of a holiday in the region.



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  1. george July 3, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    …tracked you down at last!

    Good to see the Languedoc reflected so nicely in the images – and the beautiful reflected Mediterranean light. A gorgeous set of images.