Jorge Perissinotti making Mate cups in his workshop, in Rio Ceballos just outside Cordoba northern Argentina. Mate is the national drink in Argentina, and it prepared from steeped dried leaves of the Yerba Mate in hot water. Mate is drunk from using a metal pipe called a bombilla which has a filter to stop any of the yerbal leaves from being swallowed. When drinking in a group once the water is gone it is refilled and passed to the next person in the group, when that person finished the mate is handed back to the server for another refill and then on to the next person. This rotating sharing process is what makes the act of mate drinking a moment of intimacy/friendship for those present. The Yerba mate is supposed to have healing powers, offer fatigue and stress reduction, blood detoxification and many other benefits

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  1. Gimena January 31, 2012 at 2:34 am #

    Hello my name is Gimena and I know Jorge Perissinotti. He is a kind of member of my familiy and I am looking for him. He was a very friend of my aunt, but we don´t know nathing about Jorge since about 8 years. Please, if you know something please tell me, because I would like to talk to him. I´m sorry for my horrible Enlglish. I really apreciate your help. Thank´s a lot! Gimena Drughieri.