Selection of old images taken while in Languedoc region in 2007, I have to go through some pics take in the same region in 2008, Im back in Languedoc this Wednesday which is the reason these old pics came to mind. It is a beautiful part of Europe, and contrary to public opinion at the moment….the French are not all that bad!

france  001.jpgfrance  002.jpgfrance  003.jpgfrance  004.jpgfrance  005.jpgfrance  006.jpgfrance  007.jpgfrance  008.jpgfrance  009.jpgfrance  010.jpgfrance  011.jpgfrance  012.jpgfrance  013.jpgfrance  014.jpgfrance  015.jpgfrance  016.jpgfrance  017.jpgfrance  018.jpgfrance  019.jpgfrance  020.jpgfrance  021.jpgfrance  022.jpgfrance  023.jpgfrance  024.jpgfrance  025.jpgfrance  026.jpgfrance  027.jpgfrance  028.jpgfrance  029.jpgfrance  030.jpgfrance  031.jpgfrance  032.jpgfrance  033.jpgfrance  034.jpgfrance  035.jpgfrance  036.jpgfrance  037.jpgfrance  038.jpgfrance  039.jpgfrance  040.jpg

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