Selection of pictures from a recent wedding in Horetown House, County Wexford

Absolutely fabulous bride and groom, pleasure to work with, everything relaxed and simple.

All the photos are natural light except the posed picture of the bride and groom where I used an Elinchrom Ranger with an Octa softbox, I've raved about this gear in previous posts. The natural light was fabulous on the day, great rooms in Horetown House, large windows into large rooms.

Varied selection of lenses, I think the most used were the 16-35 F2.8 and the 85mm F1.2, my 50mm was in for repair (actually arrived at my office minutes after I left for the wedding), It honestly felt strange not having my 50mm, it really is the lens I see with most of the time. 

Post production was in Lightroom 3 where I made a selection and did colour and tonal corrections, curves for contrast, then output a selection for black and white conversion as 16bit psd files, opened in Adobe Bridge as a link to CS5 Photoshop where I used mainly Actions I bought from Jeff Ascough, I like contrasty black and whites and I put extra effort to get the look I really like. The colour pictures were much easier, often gentle tonal curves were enough to give a finished result, I find colour pictures can't take too much work in photoshop before looking a bit over the top

It started out a grey day but the outlook was promising and just in time gently sunshine came out, after the civil service most people sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine, really added to the atmosphere.

Keith Fitzgerald 2010


"From the moment we decided to get married we knew that the photographer was going to be an integral part of our wedding. The wedding lasts a day and we knew that the memories created through good photography would be with us forever.  Finding a talented photographer that suited our needs was quite difficult. Thankfully, Keith was recommended to us. Now, after receiving all the photos, I can happily say I don’t think I would have been as happy with anyone else.
Keith was literally invisible on the day. After the initial brief introductions we didn’t notice him for the remainder of the day which helped us to stay relaxed and natural.  We wanted more candid, documentary style photos rather than posed photos – the result was beautiful “of the moment” images capturing the various personalities and emotions of the day. We both would have hated an album full of standard, run-of-the-mill images. Instead, we now have an album that both we and others will enjoy browsing (of course we did get a few posed images to keep our parents happy!).
It is now a few weeks since we saw the photos and we’re still smiling.  Some of my work colleagues and friends have said that they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen (we agree, but we are biased!).   Keith is a fantastic and talented photographer and we cannot recommend him highly enough. We will certainly be using him again for other events in our lives" 
 Mary & Trev (July 2010)







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