I'm a huge fan of Elinchrom lighting gear, I purchased my sets from Barker Photographic in Cork, Paddy Barker is fabulous to deal with.

The Elinchrom Ranger battery pack system is incredible, great quality of light output, goes up to 1100 watts so it can over power the sun even on a bright day. Studio lighting anywhere! OK the box weighs 8kg and after a while 8kg gets heavy, but look at the results.

This shot here is from a wedding last Saturday, in a meadow beside the Hotel, Athenaeum house, Ferrybank, Waterford. Shooting directly into the sun, low ISO, narrow aperture to underexpose the shot so the sky appears dramatic, the couple were illuminated by a burst of flash from the Ranger, close to full power and through an Octa 100cm softbox, flash sync speed was standard 1/250 for the Canon 1ds mkiii

I have done some high speed syncing up to 1/2000 of a second but I will blog about that another time.


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