The camera lens I use the most is the 50mm, I shoot with Canon so the lens of choice is a Canon 50mm F1.2

50mm is what is know as the standard lens, it is not wide angle and just slightly telephoto, very similar perspective to human vision. This lens does not do anything fancy to a picture, no changes to perspective, get it right and you have a good honest natural photo. I often shoot wide open or close to wide open for the resulting background blur, with a good contrasty black & white this creates a 3D dimension to a picture and prints beautifully. 3 pictures here are all with the 50mm's. The first 2 are with the F1.2 and the 3rd is with an F1.4 (sadly had gearbox trouble). Anyone starting in photography this is the lens to learn with and perhaps afterwards move to using a wide lens like a 24mm


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